Autumn in Málaga! Prepping for the KSGSC…

I’m happy to announce that my paper about fragments of Korean music in Berlin, Germany was accepted at the 12th Korean Studies Graduate Students Convention (KSGSC) which is being funded by the Korea Foundation and hosted by the University of Málaga, Spain this year.

I’m looking forward to listen to the latest research and to explore Málaga (I’m staying for an extra day)… a friend told me, that autumn in Málaga should be beautiful, so I hope I’ll be able to get the best of both worlds, science and a one day holiday ;-)

Vortrag in Leipzig / Presentation in Leipzig

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My last presentation about Korean Pansori was at the Institute of Music (Hmt Leipzig) in Leipzig, presenting about the musical genre I’m passionate about and being able to talk about my PhD topic was fun and “refreshing”.

I always get a boost and motivation after a talk ;)
Now, I’m off to write & read…

4. Jahrestagung der Carl Stumpf Gesellschaft

Die Tagung widmet sich dem Thema:
Kulturelle Evolution, Musik und Erkenntnistheorie

ausgerichtet von:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Uwe Wolfradt und Prof. Dr. Gretel Schwörer-Kohl (Universität HalleWittenberg) in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Lars-Christian Koch (Ethnologisches Museum Berlin)

Vom 3.10.2014 bis 5.10.2014 am Ethnologischen Institut

Mehr Informationen:

Die Musikethnologie ist am 5. Oktober vertreten :)

Komplettes Tagungsprogramm hier:
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Symposium: Barrel drums in Asia

Fachtagung über die Faßtrommel in Asien.

Gastvortragende: Prof. Dr. Terry Miller (USA) und Dr. Cong Jiang (China).

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Schwörer-Kohl

Wo? -> Institut für Musik der MLU Halle, 471
Wann? -> 26.08.2014, 16:00

Genauer Zeitplan, Vorträge usw. werden noch bekannt gegeben.


“Barreldrums in Thailand and their Relatives in the Neighbouring Countries”

16.00 Dorothea Suh (Hamburg): “The diversity of Buk – various types of barreldrums in Korean traditional music”

16.30 Maja Preitz (Leipzig) and Li Yang Chun Hao (Chengdu): Chinese barreldrums during the Zhou-dynasty

17.00 Cong Jiang (Beijing): Barreldrums in Modern China

17.30 Terry Miller (Kent, USA) and Gretel Schwoerer (Halle): Barreldrums in Thailand and Myanmar (Taphon, Klong That, Patma Sakhunt)

Für mehr Informationen: novemberbeetle (at) gmail (dot) com